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The median home price in Flagstaff, AZ is $840,000. Currently, there are 676 homes listed in Flagstaff, which include 69 condos.

Market News

Is It Time to Rightsize Your Home?

Whether you’re an empty nester with unused rooms or need more space to raise your growing family, finding a home that fits your current lifestyle may be the best option.

Dreaming about moving? You’re not alone. How the “Great Resignation” is sparking real estate dreams across America

Coldwell Banker survey reveals how the “Great Resignation” is creating new real estate dreams across the country.

Coldwell Banker Ranked Higher Than Any Other Brand In Agent Satisfaction

Annual Report Reveals Agent Sentiment & Ranks Their Priorities

Stellar Agents and Sky-High Sales

Some out there in real estate like to say that “brand doesn’t matter,” but when you look at the facts, it is clear the brand does have an impact on business.

Local News

AZ Daily Sun

The Arizona Daily Sun is a six-day newspaper in Flagstaff. It publishes an entertainment supplement on Thursdays called “Flagstaff Live!”. It also publishes a monthly magazine, Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine.

Kaff News

The latest Flagstaff area news updates from your Northern Arizona news source.

Downtown Flagstaff

Downtown Flagstaff is the hub for activities and offers an authentic experiences for everyone.

Flagstaff Business News

Published monthly, the Flagstaff Business News features timely business news, community profiles of business people, and businesses in the area.

Community Events

Check out community events courtesy of Flagstaff365.

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